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PuppyMonkeyBaby… #Creepy

Did you wonder what went through the heads of the ad execs who pitched this commercial concept? PuppyMonkeyBaby, PuppyMonkeyBabe, Puppy-Monkey-Baby…

Not only is this the creepiest ad we have seen in a long time, it actually makes sense for the product . They are combining three things people love, into one. Hence the puppies, monkeys and babies… and comparing them to the product made of caffeine, juice and Mountain Dew.

We are nominating PuppyMonkeyBaby as our “Ad of the week”. It is clever on multiple levels and by far extra creepy. It makes for a viral masterpiece.

To quote Huff Po, the commercial most likely achieved what they were going for… Go viral and embed the meme of PUPPYMONKEYBABY into the minds of everyone…

It definitely got people talking. The drink, which is a combination of Dew, juice and caffeine, reminds us of Four Loko without the alcohol. -Huffington Post

When the Puppymonkeybaby licks the forehead of the actor, did everyone in your room also go “ewww”? We will have nightmares for years to come.

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