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Ad of the Week

Clever, witty, viral, incredibly well composed… whatever it may be, it is our “Ad of the Week”.

The Settlers DIRECTTV Commerical

“We’re settlers son, we settle.” What a great tag line for the commercial! You have got to love DIRECTTV’s approach to this commercial series. Let’s infuse a funny concept and theme together with a play on words to create some comedy for the viewers. Even the title “The Settlers” implies …

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PuppyMonkeyBaby… #Creepy

Did you wonder what went through the heads of the ad execs who pitched this commercial concept? PuppyMonkeyBaby, PuppyMonkeyBabe, Puppy-Monkey-Baby… Not only is this the creepiest ad we have seen in a long time, it actually makes sense for the product . They are combining three things people love, into one. …

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